i got this error when i run community-demo-app ,,

Error: Answered with error to command 8 Wrong position in requestMessage after dispatching command. Expected command length was 28 but 14 Bytes were read.
.. Sent command is not implemented (8), [description: ]
iCS –> [ERROR] SetFixedStationInNs3() Error in the message to create fixed station in ns-3
iCS –> ERROR setting fixed stations in ns-3

.. Command acknowledged (127), [description: Goodbye]
iCS –> #Error while receiving command: tcpip::SocketNs3::receive() @ recv: SuccessiCS –> [ERROR] CloseNs3() Finishing NS-3
iCS –> Error occurred during iCS set-up
Quitting (on error).
Elapsed time (in seconds): 3.000000

please help, how to fix this error,,
i use ns-3.7 , sumo 0.14,,
thanks in advance…