What can I use iTETRIS for?

iTETRIS has been created as an integrated wireless and traffic platform for real-time road traffic management solutions. Some of the technical specifications are:

Traffic Management

  • SUMO traffic simulation platform support
  • Emission & noise modelling
  • Intelligent re-routing support
  • TLS algorithm support
  • ADAS modelling support


  • Dynamic and adaptive communication technology and transmission mode selection
  • WAVE (802.11p), WiMAX, DVB-H and UMTS wireless communication support & channel modelling
  • C2C-CC & IP communication stack implementation
  • V2V/V2I Single-hop broadcast/multicast/unicast communication
  • V2V/V2I Multi-hop Geo-networking information exchange
  • Support for Opportunistic Networking

ITS Facilities Support

  • LDM Facilities
  • Messages Facilities
  • Mobile Stations Facilities
  • Location Referencing Facilities
  • Relevance Check Facilities