I am trying to build and install iTETRIS. iCS parts was ok, I did not have any errors. But now, when I am start to build ns3 I’ve got an error.
I’ve applied patch from ns-3.7 folder, than run ./waf configure
And then during ./waf install :

[1011/1366] cxx: src/devices/wifi/winner-models/winner-b1-loss-model.cc -> build/debug/src/devices/wifi/winner-models/winner-b1-loss-model_1.o
Waf: Leaving directory `/ufs/home/users/…/ns-allinone-3.7/ns-3.7/build’
Build failed
-> task failed (err #1):
{task: cxx winner-loss-model.cc -> winner-loss-model_1.o}

Could you please help me or give me an advice how to solve this problem.
Best regards,