I am interested by implementation of 802.11p model in ns-3. iTetris
project implements ITS 5GA, but in the source, the author refer to
i802.11p/WAVE, it’s ok because they are the same protocol. But, this
implementation in ns-3 has been removed with ns-3 3.18.1 after
deprecating, like as written in CHANGE file : “Some deprecated IEEE
802.11p code has been removed from the wifi module”. In replacement, a
new WAVE model is added in ns-3 [1] by Chinese Universities and this is
the reference model in the current version of ns-3. It’s strange because
no reference of your work is present in her paper [2]. They just write
in a post of ns-3 wiki [3] :

“Since WAVE communication standards have been published, there exist
many relevant implementations including prototypes, products, and
simulations. However the implementation varies significantly, some of
them even based on old draft standards. Besides that, ns-3 has no
complete WAVE module yet. So this project will implement WAVE
1609.4/802.11p in mac layer for ns-3, with complete test suits,
examples, helpers and documents.”

iTetris is a very good platform to ITS simulations, but the code is not
in ns-3 main branch, in my opinion, this is a big problem because the
evolution of other models is not included in iTetris. This problem is
mentioned in MOTO project [4].

My questions are :
- What is your position with the new 802.11p model in the current
version of ns-3 ? it’s really better ? If yes, why is not used by iTetris ?
- There are project to integrate iTetris in the main branch ? Or rewrite
your models as modules of ns-3.

I start a project with Zayed Univerty to simulate ITS scenario and I
will be happy to use and improve iTetris !

Best regards,

Florent Kaisser.

[1] WAVE models, ns-3 model library,
[2] Junling Bu and al., Implementation and Evaluation of WAVE
1609.4/802.11p in ns-3, WN3 2014
[3] GSOC2013WAVE MAC, ns-3 wiki,
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