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Introduction to iTETRIS

The most important question raised today by road authorities is: how can the actual worth of investment and effectiveness of traffic engineering applications on city road traffic be estimated? V2V/V2I communication technologies promise to improve traffic management through Real-Time exchange of Traffic Information (RTTI). However, before cooperative ITS systems are widely deployed and evaluated in Field Operational Tests (FOTs), road authorities need clear evidence at city level of the benefits and impact of these solutions for their own particular scenarios.

The iTETRIS project has set out to satisfy this need through the development of an open, ETSI standard, compliant, and flexible simulation platform that will create close collaboration between engineering companies, road authorities, and communications experts. iTETRIS integrates wireless communications and road traffic simulation platforms in an environment that is easily tailored to specific situations allowing performance analysis of cooperative ITS at city level. The accuracy and scale of the simulations leveraged by iTETRIS will clearly reveal the impact of traffic engineering on city road traffic efficiency, operational strategy, and communications interoperability.


iTETRIS platform for real-time road traffic management solutions successfully presented at ETSI TC ITS Workshop
During the 2nd ETSI TC ITS Workshop, which took place in Sophia-Antipolis from 10th to 12th February 2010, the iTETRIS consortium successfully presented the scenarios for simulation of real-time road traffic management solutions over the integrated wireless communication and traffic platforms developed by the project. Moreover, iTETRIS exploitation potentials were highlighted.
iTETRIS invited to take part in November at C2C-CC Forum 2010
iTETRIS was invited by the CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium to take part in the 4th C2C-CC Forum that took place on 23rd and 24th November 2010. Apart from being presented in the session about key components of the C2C-CC system, iTETRIS consortium was available in the exhibition space in order to provide information about the first simulation results obtained in the project.
iTETRIS presented to road authorities the tool for impact assessment of Cooperative ITS on urban traffic efficiency in November 2010 at POLIS Annual Conference
iTETRIS presented at POLIS Annual Conference the capabilities of iTETRIS simulation platform to evaluate the impact of deploying Cooperative ITS on urban traffic mobility efficiency. iTETRIS project also showed how the platform can be used to assess the effectiveness of Cooperative ITS to acquire traffic information and building strong and effective traffic management strategies.